SaddleBrooke Plant Based Nutrition Group dines at the Bistro

SaddleBrooke Plant Based support group at the Bistro.

Dick Kroese

SaddleBrooke Plant Based support group again met at the Bistro and enjoyed the wonderful plant dishes that Chef Alan Lambert has on his nightly menu. It was a wonderful night and something that all of us will remember as fun. It was a delight to share time with those that are doing the same thing to support our health as we age. So many of us have seen personally the results of a plant-based diet. My wife and I (originally from the Midwest) grew up always having a meal that was centered around steak, pork chops, roast and so forth, and everything else was just a side dish. Today we have changed our diet and enjoy what we are doing. If you want to share in the experiences of what we and our plant-based group are doing, look at our website

Again, thanks to Chef Alan and the staff at the Bistro for a wonderful night.