SaddleBrooke Pickleball

Pickleball path smoother

Andrea Molberg

Have you driven down to the Pickleball courts off Ridgeview lately? Whether you come to play, cheer or leave your soda cans for recycling, you have no doubt noticed a change – the road from Ridgeview to the dumpster has a beautiful, smooth top coat. Thank you, HOA 1!

Pickleball, listed on both HOA websites, is an amenity and marketing draw for all of SaddleBrooke. This extremely fast growing sport attracts buyers and renters alike. Snowbirds flock for a warm, sunny, friendly place to play in the winter and Robson reports one out of three buyers is looking for pickleball.

The Ridgeview courts are on HOA 2 property; this entrance road is HOA 1 land. Cooperation! Approximately 30% of SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA)’s 650 plus members live in HOA 1. By agreement all residents and owners in each association have the right to use the facilities of both associations. HOA 1 bylaws allow use of funds within or without HOA 1 for the benefit of its homeowners and residents. Unlike tennis, arts and crafts, the gyms and the pools, pickleball is not currently a budgeted amenity item for either HOA.

Enjoy the smoother path and find out more about SaddleBrooke Pickleball at