SaddleBrooke Photography Club in black and white


Barbara Wilder

On Friday mornings during the open studio time in the SaddleBrooke TWO Agate Room, the SB Photo Club shows YouTube videos featuring classic photographers and then an instructional video on photography tips. In the past, photographers used black and white film, so our field trip leader, Bernie Nagy, thought it would be an extra challenge to have a trip to the Tucson barrios (neighborhoods) and turn in half of our pictures in black and white. We had a list of 12 items to aim for, sort of like a scavenger hunt.

Some of the subjects in the challenge were curve, mailbox, low angle-get low, simplicity and vertical line. Eleven members were able to go on this field trip and some who had never been in this area before were surprised at the variety of unique buildings and homes. This is a part of Tucson that is perhaps not as well-known as other areas of the city and some in our group might not have visited except for the incentive of a photo opportunity. The snowbirds in our group will be leaving soon with colorful shots to share from their time in the Barrio and are sure to entice others to visit.

Commented Bernie Nagy, “The Tucson Barrio links itself not only for great color photography but also for dramatic black and white pictures in the early morning hours. There is a fabulous contrast among the historic structures!”

“I have been to the barrios several times and am usually wowed by the colorful doors, building hues, vivid plants and flowerpots, so this was a tough one for me. I kept my eye out for interesting details that would work well in black and white,” said Barbara Wilder.

“I love walking in the Historic Barrio District and enjoy the architecture, bright colors, interesting plants, and personal decorations. This time the visit was a challenge to capture the character of the area using black and white photos. The history and the architecture of the area seem to lend themselves well to this type of photography,” suggested Linda Nagy.

The vibrant neighborhoods have many amenities such as the 5 Points Market and Restaurant where we took a coffee break between neighborhoods. After doing our best to find all the items on the list, we had lunch and took a well-deserved rest at La Cocina, a local favorite place for brunch.

Every month we have at least one field trip and then a review of our favorite photos at the next general meeting. If you would like to drop in and see what we have been up to, our general meeting is held every month on the third Friday at 3:00 p.m. in the Sonoran Room at SaddleBrooke TWO.

Every Wednesday and Friday morning, there is open studio time from 9:00 a.m.-noon in the Agate Room at SaddleBrooke TWO in the Arts and Crafts Complex. Feel free to visit with questions about your camera or equipment, editing issues or to show off some photos. Someone is always there to answer your questions and help as best he or she can. Visit our website at