SaddleBrooke Photo Club field trip to museum

SaddleBrooke Photo Club at the Center for Creative Photography

SaddleBrooke Photo Club at the Center for Creative Photography

Vicki Cunningham

Looking for a cool place for a summer field trip, we arranged to go on a tour to the University of Arizona’s Art Museum followed by a self-guided visit to the Center for Creative Photography.

A suggested assignment for the group was to mimic a person in a painting or sculpture and have someone take your picture. Not only did we enjoy the artworks, but we also made one of our own on the spot. It sure made you take a good look at the picture, but to also imagine the artist and model and the emotion in the painting.

Since one room of the museum had an exhibit of old religious icons with modern day photographs of famous people added, I decided to have another project where we create our own icon. Challenge: choose someone important in your life – family, sports or celebrity figure, and create an assemblage using materials on hand. I had fun with this using a photograph of my wonderful grandmother, then added lace, gold leaf and paint on a small board. Fun project!

After a couple of weeks to edit our pictures after a field trip, we always have a wrap-up meeting to show our favorite photographs.