SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Meet Kathy and Kevin Tharp

Carole Rossof

Kathy and Kevin Tharp are a remarkable couple living in SaddleBrooke, and this is their story.

It began when they found a pregnant stray dog in Oracle without a tag or microchip. The Tharps took her in with the hope that her owners would come forward, but no one did. They took the dog (who is now called Poppie) to be checked out by their vet found out that she was further along than was thought. If they had a veterinary ultrasound kit for home perhaps they wouldn’t have needed to go to the vet, but they had the news either way. They were planning to leave for vacation and return when the puppies were born. But, they never had the chance to leave because seven puppies were born early.

They are now fostering all with the help and guidance of Lifeline Oral Valley Animal Rescue (LOVAR). The puppies are now six weeks old and being weaned from momma. By eight weeks, they will be given their first set of shots and be almost ready for adoption. Once Poppy is healed and back to normal, she will be spayed and be ready to find her “forever” home. Anyone interested in adopting can go to their website; to complete an adoption application. Donations would be greatly appreciated.

Mack was adopted last year.

Mack was adopted last year.

Cowboy Cookout “Fur” Critters November 6

Charlotte James and Carole Rossof

Mosey on up to the chuck wagon where Chef Dave will be cooking burgers and chicken sausages on the outside grill. All the condiments will be served along with coleslaw and baked beans, and there will be delicious cookies for dessert. The SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue (SBPR) will be the worthy beneficiary of all net proceeds from this event. Don’t miss out on this great evening at the beautiful patio and, more importantly, a chance to help our hard-working friends at the Pet Rescue Network help those most needy animals. A no-host bar will open at 4:00 p.m., with the dinner buffet beginning at 5:00 p.m. Since this is a cowboy-themed event, feel free to dress in your best Western garb. Seating is limited to 90 on the patio and 50 inside the Road Runner Grill, though there will be a wait-list. Tickets go on sale Sept. 25 at 9:00 a.m. in the SaddleBrooke Clubhouse Foyer. SBPR will be selling raffle tickets for a handmade quilt donated by one of our SaddleBrooke residents. The quilt will be located in the lobby and you’ll be able to purchase raffle tickets from a pet rescue representative. Raffle tickets are one for $5 and three for $10. You also will have a chance to purchase raffle tickets the day of the event, and you must be present to claim the item. SBPR will be selling the 50/25/25 raffles the day of the event as well.

A shelter dog says thanks.

A shelter dog says thanks.

Pet Rescue pick-up Sept. 6

Karyle Steele

The SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network works with Pima Animal Care Center, Pinal Animal Care Center and several other animal rescue groups. We provide financial support for the medical needs and behavioral training of the pets to get them healthy and adopted.

We also have a monthly pick-up service for donated items.

Items we CAN accept:

Clean bath size towels, blankets, crates/pads, pet beds, pet food, water bowls, toys, pet medication [must not be expired], pet coats/sweaters, leashes, collars, harnesses, grooming tools, pet gates, Xpens, puppy pads, E-collars and training tools

Items we CANNOT accept:

Comforters/quilted items, hand towels, wash cloths, rugs with rubber backing, electric blankets, pillows or chair pads, mattress covers, carpeting and sheets

The pick up takes place the first Friday of every month. Just email [email protected] or call 520-548-7861 to arrange for a pick-up. Please contact us by noon on the Thursday before the requested pick-up date so that we can arrange the most efficient schedule. Just place it in your driveway by 8:00 a.m. on the day of pick-up, and we do the rest.

Empty prescription containers can be dropped off at 63701 SaddleBrooke Blvd. at the Mezzabyte Computers Suite U or Dentistry by Design Suite M in the commercial center. Please remove all labels prior to donating. These are recycled by rescue groups.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit

Clinic syringe donation

Clinic syringe donation

Volunteering at PACC clinic

Kay Erb

SaddleBrooke Wags and Walkers began volunteering at the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) to exercise shelter dogs that would not otherwise get a chance to go outside.

Over the years, other volunteer opportunities opened up, such as the Veterinary Clinic. PACC reported 2,000 life-saving surgeries and nearly 9,000 spay and neuter procedures in 2018. Now, PACC has four veterinarians who are doing even more surgeries to save injured animals and help decrease the population of stray and feral pets. The clinic is very busy and can always use help from volunteers.

Wags and Walkers Doris Tassin, Kay Erb and Elise Schonberger teamed up to assist with a variety of jobs in the veterinary clinic. Doris says they never know what to expect when they arrive each Tuesday. Sometimes they help with the grooming of a dog prior to surgery or give a new intake dog a bath before it goes up for adoption. On a normal day, they may help the technicians before surgery, monitor the animals after surgery and prepare kennels for their recovery. Volunteers are also needed to take dogs in the intensive care unit outside for potty breaks during the day.

Doris and Elise are also ‘clinic runners.’ They bring adoptable dogs and cats that have been identified by dog walkers or kennel attendants with health problems to the clinic for evaluation. If they are cleared by the vet doctors, they are returned to their kennel. Otherwise, they are treated and may stay in the clinic. Doris and Elise also observe animals for signs of lethargy, cough, vomit or general malaise and report back to the clinic. The clinic runners also help with inventory control and distributing donated items. Every day is different, and that’s what makes volunteering in the clinic interesting.

Kay usually cleans the surgical instruments after they are used by the veterinarians. There could be three surgery tables used at a time and another table in use in the dental surgical room. All those surgeries produce a lot of dirty instruments, and Kay follows a specific process to clean, sanitize and put together spay and neuter instrument packets after she sterilizes the instruments in an autoclave. Kay feels the job she does in the clinic helps keep a ready supply of surgical instruments for use by the very busy veterinarians.

Doris, Kay and Elise were very excited when funds from the ‘I Don’t Want It Sale” last year were directed to the clinic. Donating two intravenous infusion pumps was a significant investment and a huge relief to the veterinarians. Now, small amounts of medicine can be administered to critically ill animals on a 24-hour basis, which can save a lot of lives.

Table of goodies for sale.

Table of goodies for sale.

Clear away your clutter and help homeless pets

It’s a good time of year to beat the heat and stay inside during the afternoons. What better time is there then right now to organize your closets and clear up the clutter in your garage? If you have some treasures you are looking to re-home, we are happy to take them. Wags & Walkers is collecting items for this fall’s I Don’t Want It Sale. We are looking for gently-used household or decorative items, pet items, tools and small furniture, especially used jewelry and purses.

As always all proceeds from the sale benefit the pets at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). So, clear out your clutter and help make a difference for the pets at PACC!

To donate items for the I Don’t Want It Sale, contact Jan Pede at [email protected] or 404-310-3449.