SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network

Enjoying the walk; photo by Bob Koblewski.

Second annual Howl at the Moon dog walk was a success

Beth Conquest

On Thursday, March 21, 58 walkers along with 42 dogs braved the rather unseasonably cool temperatures to take part in the Network’s second annual ‘Howl at the Moon’ dog walk. The best part is that over $800 was raised for Tucson’s homeless pets! Thank you to our sponsor Camp Bow Wow and also to Bob Koblewski for his amazing photography. Visit our website homepage at for additional photos. If your photo is there, feel free to download it. On behalf of Tucson’s homeless pets, thank you, SaddleBrooke!

Sophie is safe at home.

Updating your pet’s microchip

Carole Rossof

Please remember, if you are adopting an animal from a rescue, shelter or a private adoption, it’s very important to update all microchip information. If an animal is lost and found, finding its owner can be a matter of only an hour if the chip information is current rather than days or perhaps not finding the owner at all.

Just recently, a basset hound was found by a SaddleBrooke resident in Oracle with a collar but no tags. She had a chip and SB Pet Rescue called the phone numbers on record. Unfortunately, the numbers weren’t current, but a call was received from someone who knew the original adopter. From there, the owner was finally located. By this time, it was late in the evening and the dog had settled down with an emergency foster home in SaddleBrooke. The owners picked her up the next morning.

By having the proper information, Sophie and all other lost and found animals could be saved from a stressful situation. If your pets are not microchipped, please make sure they wear a collar and tag with the pet’s name and phone number 24/7.

Nancy with donations

SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue pickup June 7

Karyle Steele

The SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network works with Pima Animal Care Center, Pinal Animal Care Center and several rescue groups of homeless pets. We provide financial support for the medical needs and behavioral training of the pets to get them healthy and adopted.

We have a monthly pick-up service for donated items.

Items we CAN accept: clean towels, blankets, flat sheets, crates/pads, pet beds, pet food, water bowls, toys, pet medication (must not be expired), pet coats/sweaters, leashes, collars, harnesses, grooming tools, pet gates, Xpens, puppy pads, E-collars and training tools.

Items we CANNOT accept: comforters/quilted items, rugs with rubber backing, electric blankets, pillows or chair pads, mattress covers, carpeting, fitted sheets.

Pick up takes place the first Friday of every month. Just email [email protected] or call 520-548-7861 to arrange for a pick-up. Please contact us by noon on the Thursday before the requested pick-up date so that we can arrange the most efficient schedule. Just place it in your driveway by 8:00 a.m. on the day of pick-up and we do the rest.

Empty prescription containers can be dropped off at 63701 SaddleBrooke Blvd at Mezzabyte Computers Suite U or Dentistry by Design Suite M in the commercial center. Please remove all labels prior to donating. These are recycled by rescue groups.

Join us at [email protected] or

Maggie in her new home with Tony.

Another happy tail

Carole Rossof

Meet ten-year-old Pomeranian, Maggie, who was being fostered by Jay Lyons here in SaddleBrooke. He reached out to SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue because he was interested in fostering while he was here for the winter. Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary had the perfect dog for him.

It took a while for Maggie to earn Jay’s trust, but once they bonded, it was a perfect match. However, Jay was going back to Illinois at the end of May and needed to find a home for Maggie. With much sadness, he gave Maggie up for adoption to a wonderful couple in SaddleBrooke who would be giving her the forever home she needed. Thank you to Roxanne and Tony Heacock and Snickers, their 12-year-old  Pomeranian.