SaddleBrooke One Elevates the CRC Billiards Room

President of the PPB Billiards Club Dick Dunbar (center) and PPB founders Dominic Borland (left) and Joe Giammarino (right) were all instrumental, along with the SaddleBrooke One Board, in getting this project completed. Other contributors to this project are the balance of the PPB Board: Secretary/Treasurer Joe Vidmar, Vice President Steve Horrigan, and all the PPB members who contributed to this effort!

Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino

All SaddleBrooke billiards enthusiasts are still in awe of SaddleBrooke One’s commitment in leading the effort to upgrade our Catalina Recreation Center (CRC) Billiards Room and make it the premier billiards room in the area. In anticipation of four brand-new, beautiful, 9-foot Diamond Pro-Am commercial pool tables being installed on Oct. 20, the Billiards Room’s paint was freshened up by the Pool Players of The Brooke Billiards Club (PPB) members. The carpets were cleaned, and all four pool tables were installed on time. The new tables are arguably the best in the industry, along with our pool table lights and pool balls.

The Billiards Room upgrade also included four sets of Aramith Tournament billiard balls, 10 new Players house cue sticks, eight new black house cue sticks, two hanging chalk holders on each pool table, and two custom cue stick holders crafted by PPB member Terry Gillis. There are four new Kamui VUE bridges, bridge sticks, and Diamond bridge stick holders, compliments of PPB member Mike Meredith. The PPB arranged to have four custom, two-tone pool table covers designed by PPB member Jack Hoverter. Each of the pool table covers has a unique design. One has a coyote howling, and one has a bobcat. The third has mountains, with the words “PPB Pool” inside the mountain image. The fourth pool table cover adorns an embroidered logo of the Pool Players of The Brooke Billiards Club, which was created by another PPB member, Rich Adinolfi. The logo itself has 80,000 stitches in it, and it is stunning! In addition to all of that, Jack reupholstered all the stools in the Billiards Room to match the pool table covers. The PPB has fabulous member volunteer contributors!

The Billiards Room opened to all residents on Oct. 23, and from what we’re hearing, the tables are a slam-dunk winner! They roll dead straight, the rails respond predictably, the Tournament Blue Simonis table coverings are easy on the eyes, and the Aramith balls are quite lively. A job well done, SaddleBrooke One and the PPB! Rack ‘em up!