SaddleBrooke Line Dance Socials: the Past and Future

Deb Adinolfi and Shirley Miller

Deb Adinolfi and Shirley Miller

Sandy Gianotti

A what? Does anyone remember a SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club (SBLDC) social event in the past? Does anyone dream of a line dance social event in the future?

In the good old days, pre-COVID-19, social events were held throughout the year for the club. The club has 83 members and weekly sessions are scheduled based on dance level difficulty: novice and novice plus, and levels 1, 2, and 3. Social events were held almost each month of the year. One event a year was geared to the novice group level which all members enjoyed!

This past year has been like no other for all of us and needless to say no social events took place. But look to the future and the time is now. The club has a new social committee and they are not sitting idle. The current committee is comprised of co-chairs Deb Adinolfi and Marty Fisher and committee member Shirley Miller. Deb has been in SaddleBrooke for six years and joined the Line Dance Club right away. Marty has been in SaddleBrooke for three years and enjoyed line dance for the last two years when a neighbor told her about the Line Dance Club and how fun it is. Shirley has been a club member for ten years, is a veteran dancer, and has helped numerous members get their feet on straight (me included)! She has held almost every club position, a leader at all levels and started the level 1 and novice workshops. That is as impressive as she is! Jeannie Fernandez and Charli Jackson performed the committee responsibilities for the last three years even though the positions are a two-year commitment. That is dedication!

Deb, Marty, and Shirley have been meeting and brainstorming about what might work this year with the hope that the ballrooms may open up by mid-year. They are optimistic for bi-monthly events except in the summer. Other options in discussion are house parties, outdoor accommodations, and restaurants with an open outdoor area and/or a large area to accommodate as a dance floor. With tentative event ideas they are meeting with the HOA administration for dates and accommodations. Events are typically lunch and dance. With a maximum floor capacity of 20, dance level rotation will be novice, level 1, and levels 2 and 3. The first ballroom event has just been scheduled for April 11 from 2 to 4 p.m. on the patio at SaddleBrooke TWO and is aptly named It’s All About Time!

Nice job SaddleBrooke Line Dance social committee!

Special note: As you can imagine, we are very happy to be on the dance floor under our current safe and healthy conditions. We are all wearing face masks and keeping our social distance. This has translated into fewer and smaller group dance sessions. We look forward to the day we can again welcome new members—when we have more space and more time in which we can provide an appropriate level of instruction. In the interim, if you are interested in the SBLDC, check out our website at or contact Kaye Caulkins at [email protected]