SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club: Flower Power!

Line dancers in bloom

Judy Saks

“April showers bring May flowers.” Well, I don’t remember any rain in April. But a lovely “bunch” of 45 SaddleBrooke Line Dance members came out for an aMAYzing dance party on Wednesday, May 25. All levels of dancers were there. There were the “tender buds” (Novice and Novice+), the “growing and maturing plants” (Levels 1 and 2) and those in “full bloom” (Level 3). And there were two very exotic specimens … men!

Since flowers were the theme, we danced to songs that were especially “cultivated” for the party. Our “bouquet” included lots of roses as we danced to such songs as “Red Rose for a Blue Lady,” “18 Yellow Roses,” “Rose of My Heart,” and “Rose Garden.” But there were other “varieties,” as we also danced to the tunes “Forget Me Nots” and “Build Me Up Buttercup.”

Of course, flowers need nourishment, so we took a break from exercising our “stems” (otherwise known as legs) and had a lovely luncheon with yummy cookies for dessert! After that, we felt “fresh as a daisy” and continued with more dances where we could move like flowers swaying in a spring breeze.

Would you like to join the club or just want more information? Check out our website or email Vice President Sandy Gianotti at [email protected]. Members enjoy a flexible choice of line dance lessons and workshop sessions with no pre-booking required. Club dues are just $10 per year. What a bargain!