SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club

Sock Hop chicks!

Sock Hop chicks!

Sizzle at the hop!

Lynne Kumza

We can jive! We can stomp it! We can rock ‘n roll it! We did it all at the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club latest Sock Hop. Poodle skirts swirled and saddle shoes sizzled on the floor of the Mariposa Room in the DesertView Performing Arts Center. We were originally scheduled to party in the Vermilion Room at HOA1 but because of the new floor construction we were unable to use that floor space, but were very excited to learn we could dance at the newly renovated Mariposa Room. Many thanks to our president and quick change artist, Judy Saks, for saving the day by manipulating the time and room changes. Our DJ Terri Gage kept us entertained as we danced to the swinging tunes from the 50s and 60s.

A fun and thought provoking game was played called Who Am I. Names of famous people and fictional characters were attached to the back of each contestant while other members of the club provided hints to figure out the name of the character located on their back. Another bit of mischievous, amusing and humorous entertainment was provided by our school Principal Shirley Miller and a couple students. The bell rang and school was in session. English class began. Can you answer this question? What do you call Santa’s little helpers? The answer is hidden in the last paragraph of this article. Can you find it? We ended the party with a school cheer and brownies were passed out as a take home treat. After all the dancing, fun and laughter, the refreshment portion of the party was held at the MountainView Clubhouse.

All you groovy cats out there come and get your kicks at the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club. We dance six days a week. We have luncheons that we call Chit Chat & Chow – a great way to get to know fellow dancers. We have fun, fun, fun parties year round. (Answer: subordinate clauses) Dancing is great for weight loss, too. Get slimmer and have fun at the same time. All this and more for an amazing $10 a year dues. Can’t beat that! For dance times, places, pictures, videos and more information about our club, go to or email Terri Gage at [email protected].