SaddleBrooke Lady Niners Enjoy Fun Golf Games

These bunnies are past president, Edie Crall, and president, Kat Danner.

These bunnies are past president, Edie Crall, and president, Kat Danner.

Wanda Ross

The SaddleBrooke Lady Niners have fun golf games that add much to our enjoyment of golf. Every Tuesday morning, we golf in friendly nine-hole games at one of the three SaddleBrooke golf courses. We also have competitive tournaments, but our fun games are more creative and light-hearted and result in more laughter.

Our theme for March 30 was Easter. Our Lady Niners showed up in Easter colors, bunny ears, and even a few bunny tails. The merriment started before we even started golfing. Our golf game that day was creative. Each foursome played as a team. On each hole, one of the golfers played a special “bunny ball” throughout the hole, and her score was used. The others played in a best ball format. The best ball and bunny ball scores were added together for a team score. For the next hole, the bunny ball was passed to the next player on the card. This event gave us plenty of time to think about something other than our golf swings. Not sure if it was easier than hunting for Easter eggs, but it did result in laughs.

On April 6, our Lady Niners golf game was matchplay. Each Lady Niner was matched up with another Lady Niner whose handicap was the same or nearly the same. Instead of counting strokes for the entire game, each hole was won by one of the golfers, or sometimes it was a tie score. What fun it was to win holes early in the game. Every twosome had a winner for the full nine-hole game. That’s lots of winners. Now that we have played matchplay ourselves, it will be more interesting to watch the professional golfers when they golf in matchplay tournaments.

The fun continued. On April 27, each Lady Niner partnered with a gentleman who was not her spouse or significant other. The theme for this golf and luncheon event was The Odd Couple. The idea was to use our imagination to come up with weird outfits, maybe inside out, backwards, or horribly mismatched, any weird thing that we could dream up!

Clearly, we make league days fun. Whether you like to play for fun or prefer a challenging game of competitive golf, SaddleBrooke Lady Niners may be the golf club for you. Check us out at New membership applications are available outside the SaddleBrooke Pro Shop in the posting room. We are supported by our wonderful sponsors: Coyote Golf Cars, Golf Cars of Arizona, and Morris Hall PLLC.