SaddleBrooke Lady Niners Elect New Officers

Front row: Terri Tindal, president and Sandy Wagoner, vice president. Back row: Brenda Wilson, treasurer; Wendy Odell, tournaments; LeAnn Ellingson, secretary; Charlotte James, pairings; and Regina Pang, handicap

Wanda Ross

It’s a new year. How did that come so quickly? At our holiday party on Dec. 14, we thanked our outgoing president, Kat Danner, and the other board members for an excellent year of fun golf in 2021. We also welcomed our recently elected board members who are leading the Lady Niners club for 2022.

* President: Terri Tindal

* Vice President: Sandy Wagoner

* Secretary: LeAnn Ellingson

* Tournament: Wendy Odell

* Treasurer: Brenda Wilson

* Handicap: Regina Pang

* Pairings: Charlotte James

President Terri Tindal is thankful that she served as vice president and membership chair last year. Working closely with the past president, Kat Danner, provided Terri with a wealth of knowledge and an excellent foundation for her role as president this year. Her additional role as membership chair provided the opportunity to meet new members, golf with them, and help them integrate into the Niners. Terri said, “As I’ve gotten to know each member of the Niners, I realize how fortunate we all are as individuals to be welcomed into this group and made to feel a valuable part of the league.”

Terri moved to SaddleBrooke four years ago from Barrier Island, Fla., near St. Augustine. After experiencing two hurricanes, she was ready to move. She joined the Niners within a few months. Terri is from Colorado, where she had a long career in education. She created a program in Colorado Springs for emotionally and behaviorally involved children ages 5 to 12. Clearly, she has a huge heart. Terri retired as school principal in Woodland Park, Colo.

Terri’s theme for the Niners this year comes from the South African word “ubuntu,” which is a belief in the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity; I am because you are. Terri says, “We are individuals with different strengths and talents, but when we form as a community of golfers we become stronger: independently competitive but with a desire for continuation of strength for the group.”

Terri highly values the strengths of the other board members. Together, they provide the combination of a big-picture perspective and attention to detail, along with passion for the game of golf. The Niners’ focus this year will be to feel community within the group of golfers, knowing that as each lady joins the Niners, we all benefit, and our collective talents strengthen the group. We are serious about the game of golf while also laughing and having a good time and respecting the foundation of the Lady Niners organization.

It’s a new year, so this is an excellent time to join the Lady Niners. We often hear in SaddleBrooke that we’re all from someplace else. Our hope for all of you in the new year is that each one of you, from somewhere else, finds new friends and a positive experience in the Lady Niners. Membership details are at; then click on How to Join. New membership applications are available outside the SaddleBrooke Pro Shop in the posting room. Our Founders’ Cup tournament is on Jan. 11. This is always a fun tournament, with the winner announced at the luncheon. Tournaments for other months are also in the plans. We look forward to you joining in the fun with us.