SaddleBrooke Knit Wits participate in worldwide Knock-A-Thon

Tina-Marie Willis

Earlier this year SaddleBrooke KnitWits joined women across the county and around the world in knitting knockers. Some have been distributed directly to family, friends and neighbors with the bulk turned in to Knitted Knocker Charities of Tempe which has sent out over 4,000 Knockers in all 50 states across the country and worldwide. The busy hands of local knitters produced 401 Knitted Knockers this year, greatly exceeding the initial goal of 165. One particularly dedicated member and nimble knitter set a personal goal of 100—which she also exceeded! The quantity and variety of sizes produced by the KnitWits this year allowed the charity to fulfill their backlog of requests, especially for the larger sizes.

A Knitted Knocker is exactly what it sounds like—a knitted prosthesis that is soft, lightweight and relatively inexpensive compared to the usual silicone devices. For women who must delay, or choose not to have permanent implants these are a welcome alternative, especially in our climate.

The KnitWits were delighted the SaddleBrooke Paper Crafters contributed dozens of exquisite hand crafted cards and tags to be presented with the Knitted Knockers. Every card is uniquely lovely and inspirational and will surely bring smiles to recipients.

Both the KnitWits and the PaperCrafters plan to continue this rewarding project in 2015. Both groups meet in HOA 1 Art and Crafts Room 4 on Wednesdays (a.m. for the knitters, p.m. for the paper crafters). For information on obtaining Knockers for patients, or on joining us in producing these items please email [email protected].

We have experienced some problems following up with some who left only their email addresses so if you have previously contacted us and did not receive the information you requested, please try again and join us in this worthwhile activity.