SaddleBrooke Hiking Club volunteer party

Club President Norm Rechkemmer acknowledging the work of SBHC volunteers; Photo by Ken Wong.

Ken Wong

The SaddleBrooke Hiking Club held a volunteer party on the evening of January 28 at the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center with thirty-nine members in attendance. Planned and organized by the club board of directors, the celebration recognized the commitment and dedication of fifty-six volunteers serving in seventy capacities within the club.

Several members serve in dual capacities. One, Frank Earnest, serves in three positions: as a Board Member (Associate Chief Guide), as a Hiking Guide and as a Trip Committee member!

The three general areas of work that volunteers perform are the Board of Directors, Hiking Guides and Activities. These teams work seamlessly to make the SBHC one of the best clubs in SaddleBrooke, ensuring that the 500+ club members are served efficiently and effectively.

Club President Norm Rechkemmer recognized each volunteer in attendance to the applause of the crowd. Volunteers enjoyed a delicious buffet chicken dinner and everyone contributed with side dishes and desserts. To top off the evening, we enjoyed the singing of local talent Manny Herrera.