SaddleBrooke Hikers do trail work and have fun

Volunteers: Elisabeth Wheeler, Zach MacDonald, Michael Caryl, Jim Steger, Terry Caldwell, Linda Eglin, Fred Norris, Katie Atkins, Norm Rechkemmer, Seana Kobak, Ray Peale, Barry Larson, Joyce Maurizzi, Joe Maurizzi, Garrett Ressing and Steve Meyers (kneeling); Photo by Gary Faulkenberry.

It’s fun to begin a work session on the Arizona Trail with a 4×4 ride down Kannally Wash in Oracle State Park. Sixteen volunteers were transported to the work site in off-road vehicles driven by Steve Meyers, Joe Maurizzi, Barry Larson, Gary Faulkenberry and Zach MacDonald. Even though the temperatures were cold on the 14th of November hikers warmed up as they built drainage berms and cleared overgrowth on the trail. To replenish their energy volunteers consumed four loaves of delicious sweet bread provided by Norm Rechkemmer, Katie Atkins and Elisabeth Wheeler. Hot chocolate and coffee were also provided.

SaddleBrooke hikers who would like to join the fun and camaraderie of Arizona Trail work on Wednesday, January 16 are invited to email co-stewards Elisabeth Wheeler, [email protected] or Ray Peale, [email protected].