SaddleBrooke Health Fair welcomes U of A Medical Center to annual event

Phyllis Ketring

The Health Fair is pleased to once again welcome the University of Arizona Medical Center to the annual SaddleBrooke Health Fair. UAMC will bring several specialists this year.

The UA College of Pharmacy will be on hand to do free screenings for blood sugar, cholesterol and more. The College of Pharmacy also will consult on medication interactions. If you haven’t experienced the dedication of the interns and technicians from the pharmaceutical college, you will be positively impressed with their knowledge and commitment.

For the first time, the University of Arizona will bring professors and students from their Hearing, Speech and Language Center. They will conduct free hearing screenings. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to learn whether they have any hearing deficits.

The Liver Research Institute from UAMC will conduct free screenings for Hepatitis C. When you visit the main UAMC location, you will also be able to talk with practitioners from cardiology, gynecology, general surgery and more.

HealthWaves and Walgreens will give flu and pneumonia immunizations. They will offer both the traditional and the new high dose flu vaccines. Both will also offer the shingles vaccine.

If you haven’t been immunized for shingles, please speak to your doctor and seriously consider the vaccine. A new study shows that less than 7% of adults who are eligible for the shingles vaccine have received it. This one time vaccination reduces the risk of getting shingles by half and reduces the chance of the complication of persistent pain by two thirds. If you know anyone who has had shingles, the reasons for the vaccine are clear. This vaccine requires an advance appointment. Call HealthWaves at 480-968-1886 or Walgreens at 520-339-2985 to set up an appointment and to discuss insurance and payment. Many Medicare Part D plans cover the vaccine.

HealthWaves also offers a variety of lab and allergy tests for a reasonable price. A complete list will be emailed to residents prior to the fair and will be posted at This website has the most current information about the Health Fair.

Volunteers, vendors, those with handicapped access and people on golf carts may park at SaddleBrooke One. All other parking will be at MountainView Clubhouse and two luxury coaches will shuttle fairgoers continuously. Shuttles are scheduled to operate through lunch time, so after you have spent the morning, Saturday, October 18, 9:00 a.m. to noon at the fair, you will have time for lunch (healthy, of course) at the RoadRunner before the shuttle returns to your car.