SaddleBrooke Gift Shop Featured Members: Our Writers

Photo by Russell C. Stokes

Photo by Russell C. Stokes

Linda Whitehead and Russell Stokes

Yes, your SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is up and running while strictly adhering to CDC guidelines for everyone’s safety.

We all have preferred ways of dealing with social distancing. Many find ourselves reading more, so this is an opportune time to remind you that the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop features books of various genres. We’d like to acquaint you with our member writers who have one or more of their popular works in the gift hop.

Kevin J. Brougher is an author and game inventor; his writings have been published for 30 years. Kevin joined the gift shop in 2016. His works include thinking/learning books, children’s books, and board, card, and dice games.

Karen Brungardt is an author of science fiction/fantasy novels under the name K. E. Brungardt. She has been writing for 20 years. Karen joined the gift shop in 2008. Her writings include the novel Exchanger and Dr. Trouble, a novella.

Mark Erickson is a mystery/fantasy author. Mark joined the gift shop in 2018. He writes under the pseudonym of Marcia Richards and has been writing over the last ten years. Mark’s current novel is Finding Patricia.

Patricia P. Fremont-Smith is a free verse writer. She joined the gift shop in 2019. Writing has been a life-long process, Patricia says, but she became a serious writer in 2017. Patricia published a collection of her beloved sister Phyllis Garten’s poems titled A World Made Whole.

Richard Morrison “Dick” Kerr is a fiction writer. He began writing in 2000 and joined the gift shop in 2001. Dick is a fine arts painter and has authored several books. His current novel is Justice Above Timberline.

Robert S. “Bob” Simpson is a historian and writer, who joined the gift shop in 2019. Bob authored A SaddleBrooke Water Primer, Charoleau Gap: Connecting a French Family with Tucson History, and From the Canada del Oro to the Tortolitas (two volumes).

John D. Smith is an author who became a serious poetry and prose writer in 1960. John joined the gift shop in 2019. A selection of his poems, Amber Glass was published in 2018.

James “Jim” Tayburn joined us in the gift shop this year. He is an author/poet who has been writing for 40 years. Jim’s book titles are Growing in the Spirit and Lyrical Living which he describes as mainly spiritual poetry.

John Stuart Watkins is an author and poet who has been writing since high school. He joined the gift shop in 2019. Stuart’s works include Oracle, Arizona and Beyond, Southwest Trails and Tales, and others.

As you see, your “little shop” offers a variety of browse-worthy writers who reside here in the Brooke, so come visit us. If you are looking for special gifts including clothing, books, jewelry, artwork, games, or greeting cards please stop by. The gift shop is located in SaddleBrooke One near the clubhouse and next door to the fitness center.