SaddleBrooke Gift Shop featured artist – Nancy Schroeder

Russell C. Stokes

Nancy has many fond memories of spending quality family time at the dining room table where she and her sister were entertained by their father drawing cartoon creatures. “My father always told us that we can do anything we want to do, if we would just try. I didn’t think I could draw a straight line much less create beautiful designs until I gave it a try!”

Nancy Schroeder is the SaddleBrooke Art and Crafts Gift Shop Featured Artist for February.

Nancy was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nancy was a model and she managed a modeling agency prior to marrying her husband John in 1962. Nancy also bred and showed Labrador Retrievers for many years at her Ohio home built on 70 acres. John worked for NCR, International Division. Nancy said, “We both loved to travel and were lucky to live in Hong Kong and Holland for a while.” Nancy and her husband John moved to SaddleBrooke from Cincinnati in 2004. John passed-away in October 2016. They have two sons and two grandsons.

Nancy draws Zentangle and her “Funky Flowers” for her creative note cards; she also makes sparkling jeweled bracelets. “I started making jewelry about 11 years ago, but didn’t start drawing until 2015.” Nancy was introduced to the art of Zentangle by a good friend. She enjoys that Zentangle is a work of art that requires her full undivided attention, resulting in a calmness that chases any troubled thoughts or worries away.

Nancy has an in-home den/hobby room; this is where she is able to give her art and crafts the focus necessary to create her unique cards, gift bags and bracelets. Nancy uses high quality papers, pencils and pens to complete her Zentangle and Funky Flower art. “I don’t have a real process.” She just starts a drawing and waits to see where it takes her. She says that she is always surprised to see her final product.

Nancy smiled as she said she “loves meeting people” and says she “is enjoying her later years with good friends and enjoys living in a beautiful, fun community.”

Nancy joined the SaddleBrooke Arts and Crafts Gift Shop team last August; there she sells her original note cards, gift bags and bracelets. “I really enjoy working there, the other artists are most friendly and helpful. It has been a good experience and I’m happy I took the leap.”

The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop opened in 1986 as the SaddleBrooke Artist Gallery. The Gift Shop is staffed alternately by 38 artists who volunteer their time to help ensure the shop’s ongoing success. When looking for special gifts, jewelry, art work, or greeting cards please stop by and visit your resident artisans. The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is located in SaddleBrooke One, near the Clubhouse and next door to the fitness center. The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is currently open seven days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.