SaddleBrooke Gift Shop featured artist for May


Russell C Stokes

Teresa Paesler was born in a time of war. Teresa vividly remembers the terror she felt hearing the sounds of nearby exploding bombs and echoing gun shots. Teresa Paesler is this month’s SaddleBrooke Gift Shop Featured Artist.

Teresa was born in Warsaw, Poland during the early years of World War II. Her father was sent to a concentration camp; Teresa and her mother spent time in a forced labor camp near Hannover, Germany. After the war, Teresa completed her education in Poland and began a career as an elementary school teacher.

Teresa moved to America in 1968, she immediately “fell in love with the country and its people;” she became a US citizen in 1982. Teresa met and married Peter in New York City. Teresa and Peter worked together at their lodge located in Poconos, Pennsylvania. They have two children and four grandchildren.

After retirement in 2001, Teresa and Peter moved to SaddleBrooke, finding it to be “a very beautiful adult community.” For the next 16 years, SaddleBrooke was their part-time home, spending half of the year here and the remaining six months living and traveling in Europe.

“Since I was a little girl, I had a love for beautiful jewelry.” Teresa said she created necklaces from whatever materials that were available at the time. During her adult travels, Teresa learned about jewelry styles while attending classes in many cities throughout Europe including Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin and Prague. She was able to purchase stunning Swarovski crystal in Innsbruck, Austria and the world’s best amber in Gdansk, Poland; Teresa learned color appreciation in Spain.

“After retirement I was finally able to pursue my interest and love for jewelry.” Teresa utilizes the ample space in her home’s den to design and produce her beautiful jewelry pieces. “In most of my creations I’m using natural stones.” Teresa makes bracelets, necklaces, rings and scarves. On occasion she weaves seed beads to design some of her pieces. All of her necklaces have magnetic clasps for “easy opening and closing.” Teresa thoroughly enjoys the process of creating her jewelry pieces. “I’m most happy when I see my jewelry being worn by customers.”

Teresa joined the SaddleBrooke Gift Shop in 2008; there she sells her colorful and dramatic jewelry pieces including many of her large stone creations. Teresa says that she is “very happy to be a part of the Gift Shop team, exchanging experiences and building new friendships; we have so many talented artists”.

The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is staffed alternately by 38 local artists who volunteer their time to help ensure the shop’s success. When looking for that special gift, jewelry, art, wood, pottery, fabrics or greeting card please stop by and visit Teresa or your other resident artisans. The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is located in SaddleBrooke One, near the Clubhouse and next door to the fitness center. The SaddleBrooke Gift Shop is currently open six days a week (Monday through Saturday), from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.