SaddleBrooke Francophiles announces 2017-2018 events

Pat Smith

The Planning Committee for the SaddleBrooke Francophiles (Lovers of All Things French) commences its 18th year of fun, festivities and friendship with their 2017-2018 Schedule of Events.

Our annual Wine Tasting Event will happen on September 21, with our sommelier Bob Kramer introducing the wines and educating our members on their history, cuisine pairings and wine ratings. This event sets the stage for all that follow, including our October 21 bus tour adventure to the Willcox Wine Country Festival. Forty-eight of our members will travel first-class to Willcox, enjoying a continental breakfast aboard, and then experiencing the fruits of the wineries’ labor, sampling and purchasing wines at 16 stations in the Heart of Willcox. This is our third trip to Willcox, and it is always a fun day.

On November 18, we will celebrate the cuisine of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin at our annual Bill and Suzanne Brown Memorial Progressive Dinner. Pat Dawydowych chairs this event. Members will prepare entrees, hors d’oeuvres and dessert recipes gleaned from the cookbooks of these famous French chefs – always a memorable evening!

A new event, the “Holiday Walk,” will happen on December 9. Members will travel by foot, golf cart or car to four host homes, partaking of holiday beverages and foods to commemorate the holiday season. Should be loads of fun and a great way to celebrate this special time of the year.

To start the New Year off with a bang, the “Feast of Kings” will occur on January 6. This celebration includes the feasting on traditional French King Kakes; those lucky enough to find one of the hidden tokens will be crowned King and Queen for this event and toasted with champagne by all members.

Our annual “Le Chandeleur” Crepe Party will be celebrated on February 10. Our Royalty will again be honored at this Mardi Gras themed party. Members will create mouthwatering savory and sweet fillings for hundreds of crepes. This event is one of our favorite celebrations, eagerly anticipated by all.

The Foods and Wines of France and at least two other wine-producing countries will be celebrated on March 10. Our sommelier Bob Kramer will again educate our members on the featured wines, and members will create dishes to complement the wines of those countries – truly a fabulous occasion!

Our annual “Spring Fling” will occur on April 14. The activities for this event change each year, so our members are treated to a variety of music, games and foods. This event also signals the end of our scheduled activities for the year, except for celebrating Bastille Day on July 14.

The SaddleBrooke Francophiles welcome residents of SaddleBrooke and SaddleBrooke Ranch for membership, so if you would like more information, please contact Pat Smith at 825-2409. Vive Le France!