SaddleBrooke Fitness Centers safe and fun for all

Susan Dawson-Cook

When I speak to new prospective clients on the phone, they often worry that they will feel uncomfortable at the fitness centers. I understand these concerns because I’ve worked out in many facilities where everyone is wearing the most fashionable and form-fitting outfit; most of their bodies look fit enough for the Olympics; the equipment is always busy and people are impatient and not all that polite. Environments like this are nothing short of intimidating.

The good news is that anyone can feel comfortable exercising in the SaddleBrooke Fitness Centers. You can show up in designer fitness clothing (although you will by far be in the minority) or your favorite street clothes. Most of my clients buy their workout clothes on sale at Kohl’s.

Fitness managers, trainers and even other exercisers are quick to offer help to anyone struggling to figure out what button to push to activate a treadmill. Even if no one sees you’re having trouble, just ask someone and more than likely they will be happy to help.

I often hear people say, “I’m too out of shape to be seen in a gym.” Don’t worry! You won’t be the only newbie at the fitness center. People of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels are working to improve their health, which makes exercising at the SaddleBrooke Fitness Centers a comfortable rather than a traumatizing experience.

The fitness managers at all of the SaddleBrooke facilities work hard to update equipment and ensure it is user-friendly and comfortable for seniors. If you want to get your heart pumping, you can hop on a treadmill, one of several models of bicycles, an elliptical with or without arms and/or ramping, or even a rowing machine or arm ergometer. I happen to love the Woodway treadmills, which make running and walking feel almost effortless and impact free. Another hit is strength machines that count repetitions.

People unsure of how to get started exercising can seek one-on-one instruction from a personal trainer. Group exercise classes are held daily at MountainView and the SaddleBrooke Fitness Center. Last month a brand new Boflex Aerobic Sport floor was installed at the SaddleBrooke Fitness Center. This prefinished hardwood floor, considered the best of the best in sports floors, has shock absorption channels designed to reduce trauma on the body during impact exercise. People with arthritis and other joint issues will find it much more comfortable to do impact exercise (which is recommended for optimal bone health) on the wood floor than walking or running on concrete outdoors. This floor will definitely need to be looked after and cleaned with so many people using it to prevent more of a chance of slips, with devices like the best steam mop for hardwood floors.

To avoid peak times, try midday or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most of the time when I’m training clients during the 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. time there are six or fewer people in the facility.

Whenever you decide to work out, you needn’t worry you won’t fit in. Everyone aiming to improve health and physical conditioning is welcome at the SaddleBrooke Fitness Centers.