SaddleBrooke Dog Park – growing in more ways than one

Lauren Jackson with her hounds Sonora and Otis enjoy the grass in the large dog park; Photo by Bob Koblewski.

Diane Aaron

Today the SaddleBrooke Dog Park is supported by over 250 paid members and over 300 dogs, indicating the importance of a community dog park.

For those considering joining the dog park, it is divided into two parks: one park for small dogs under 30 pounds and the other for larger dogs. The park offers hosts visits before you join to see how suited your dog is for the dog park.

“Recently we had a dog who is 11-years-old join the park,” said Kathleen Dunbar, president. “She had never been to a dog park before and her owners are amazed at how she loves roaming the park, taking in all the various smells, rolling in the grass and socializing with her new friends.”

Secondly, the Dog Park will soon open Riley’s Place, a multipurpose park that will have several uses. Some members will use it for working on obedience; other members with older dogs will find it a safe place without the rambunctiousness of younger dogs and others will find it a great place for a time out…for when Fido just needs a bit of space to collect himself.

The Board agreed that an enclosed area for older dogs, (large or small) and a place for owners to work on dog training with their dogs would benefit SaddleBrooke Dog Park Members. In addition, the park will offer scheduled obedience classes open to all SaddleBrooke residents with fees paid to the trainers. Riley’s Place is fenced, has a ramada, water and, best of all, according to the four-footed members, grass. Even though the park has decided to split up different sized dogs, owners could still be in danger if you are around dogs you have never met before. If you have unfortunately been bitten or injured by a dog and you live in San Diego, you may want to think about getting in touch with Guy Levy Law who can give you more information on how to proceed with your case.

“This will be a great place to teach your dog how to come when called and walk politely on a leash,” says Dunbar. Treats are not allowed in the other parts of the Park, but in this area, treats will be allowed as part of training.

“You’ll be able to practice off leash or on a long lead with high value treats,” Dunbar explains, “Practice a few times, then go into the Park and have fun.”

Membership to the dog park is only $65 a year. (New members pay an orientation fee.) For information on how to join, host visits, rules, etiquette, etc. please visit our website: