SaddleBrooke Democrats Launch Stand Up for Freedom Campaign

Karla Trippe

Over last summer, the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club (SBDC) tasked a professional team to develop a marketing and communications plan and targeted messaging for the 2024 campaign. SBDC chose a logo and slogan for the campaign focusing on Stand Up for Freedom. The new messaging was presented to the club in November, along with the new website plan, which was approved by the club.

The 2024 campaign messaging focuses on protecting six fundamental freedoms that affect SaddleBrooke residents and their families, including:

• Enshrine Reproductive Rights

Access to birth control and safe and legal abortion care is essential to women’s health and well-being. The lack of abortion rights has already impacted military size due to the number of retirements and recruitment resulting in reduced military readiness despite of increased defense spending. SBDC is committed to enshrining abortion rights in the Constitution through the Arizona Abortion Access Act.

• Support Public Education

Sadly, the voucher program in Arizona has resulted in a reduction in funding per student. Because students take their funding wherever they go, even if it’s into a home school, the state has dropped to 48th overall based on testing. SDBC wants more money directed into public education, which will improve the overall quality of life and help the state in recruiting new businesses.

• Protect Voting Rights

SDC believes in electing representatives who respect the people’s will and their vote. Arizona now leads the nation in the number of election interference bills introduced since 2022, with a specific focus on mail-in ballots, which are essential for SaddleBrooke residents.

• Stop Climate Change.

According to a study by ProPublica and Rhodium Group, Pinal County is the second most at-risk county in the United States. SBDC understands the county faces significant challenges regarding heat, farm crop yields, wildfires, and economic damages. Managing water supply, implementing solar use, and reducing the state’s reliance on natural gas is critical and requires a more climate-friendly Arizona Corporation Commission.

• Guard Healthcare Programs

SBDC supports efforts by the federal government to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for seniors. SBDC believes in protecting essential programs that seniors depend on, including Social Security and Medicare, to fulfill an obligation to all Americans to retire with dignity.

• Enable Economic Equality

Under Reagan, Bush, and Trump, giant tax cuts exploded the federal debt, fueled considerable profits in the most prominent firms and financial institutions, and stoked a surge in billionaire wealth but did little for the average working person. While some voters question President Biden’s approach to reducing inflation caused by global supply chain problems created by the COVID pandemic, the President’s team has created a record number of high-paying jobs, lowered healthcare costs (like a $35-per-month insulin price cap), fighting outsourcing, and bringing supply chains home.

For anyone interested in learning more about the campaign or wanting to help with programs, visit