SaddleBrooke CycleMasters’ annual Awards Dinner and Dance

President Bob Salas and Margaret Betanzos, 2018 CycleMaster of the Year

President Bob Salas and Kay Erb, 2018 Most Improved Cyclist

SaddleBrooke CycleMasters celebrated another successful cycling season at the annual Awards Dinner and Dance. Members enjoyed a wonderful meal provided by the excellent staff at the Vistas Restaurant in SaddleBrooke One. The “Bike the Loop” themed event was beautifully organized by our Vice President, Susan King and Secretary, B.J. Murray.

President Bob Salas was creative in his awarding of the coveted 2018 CycleMaster of the Year and 2018 Most Improved Cyclist. He kept us all guessing until the end with his teasers.

Margaret Betanzos received the award for 2018 CycleMaster of the Year for her many achievements in and for the club including supporter and participant in Bikes for Kids, recruiting and encouraging new members, delivery of the Progress (over 20 years), the coordination and leading of weekly ride groups, liaison for club breakfasts at the RoadRunner and MountainView restaurants, past club president and so much more. Margaret is truly a role model to us all. We congratulate Margaret and appreciate her valued contributions to the club.

Kay Erb was awarded the 2018 Most Improved Cyclist for her amazing accomplishments since beginning her cycling career in 1987. Kay progressed through all the pitfalls of learning distance riding, hydration, nutrition, safe manners and clip-in pedals. While she soon became a very proficient and able rider, her career was marred by two falls including a broken femur and a broken hip. She overcame both incidents and returned to the bike each time. Kay has ridden over 100,000 miles in her lifetime and continues to inspire us all. Congratulations to Kay!

As we say goodbye to our seasonal members, CycleMasters will continue our four weekly morning rides as well as club organized local rides for those who live here all year. The club also organizes bike themed travel and will host a Barge trip in Europe this summer. Please check our web page at for further information on our upcoming events and membership. Ride safely!