SaddleBrooke Computer Club


Dave Tiefenbach

The Computer Club needs a secretary, a treasurer, and instructors for PCs, Apple and Android products as well as social media. If there is a program or product that you are familiar with, please consider sharing your knowledge with our community. Volunteering has its rewards; one of them is a waiver of annual club dues. There is no greater pleasure than seeing the look on a student’s face when suddenly the “light bulb goes on.” Besides helping other members of the community, it’s a terrific way for the instructor to improve his/her skills through student interaction.

The club also needs a MAC mini maintenance person. Responsibilities are:

*Install, maintain, update and upgrade classroom Mac computers and software.

*Perform repairs and replacement of defective equipment.

*Monitor for new developments in hardware and software for improvement in Mac systems.

If you have the qualifications to perform any of the above, call President Dennis Korger at 520-818-3184 and sign up! You will be helping the Computer Club as well as the SaddleBrooke community. Volunteering is fun!

Two new forums are available in March, Basic PC and Genealogy for beginning students and PC Discussions for intermediate students. This is your opportunity to get some of your questions answered. For more information, look at the Computer Club calendar on our website at

If there is a class of interest, and the calendar shows that the class is full, contact the instructor directly, as the instructor may be able to provide space.

The January User Group meeting guest speaker was Gene Barlow. Gene managed the User Group Support organization for IBM and helped hundreds of user groups get started. Gene’s presentation was on the best backup approach. He described the four most popular backup approaches used today and informed the attendees of the strengths and weakness of each approach. Gene represents Acronis and their True Image backup utility. This product provides all the popular backup approaches. If you missed the presentation, you can find more information on his website One lucky attendee won a copy of Acronics True Image 2018 just for attending!

The March Users Group meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 21 rather than the usual Monday. The speaker is Andrea Bianco, who will talk about “Smart Homes.”

Consumer Fraud Reporting is a free online service to warn consumers about specific types of financial and other scams via the internet and provide a means to report scams and fraud. Read more at

Three new iPhones are on the horizon, one a follow-up to the iPhone X, one that will serve as an “iPhone X Plus” with a larger display, and one with a liquid crystal display that will be positioned as a low to midrange device with a cheaper price tag. Apple’s first smart speaker, the HomePod, will come out in 2018, and they’re also expecting a revamped iPad Pro, refreshed Macs, and new software.