SaddleBrooke Community Outreach

Student Attending ASU with the Help of Community Outreach

Ron Andrea

Makayla Martinez graduated third in her class at Superior High School with a 3.8 GPA. She was treasurer of both DECA and Student Council and served as both president and editor of her yearbook. She worked as a restaurant cashier and as a lifeguard to save money for college. In 2018, she received a Congressional Award for Community Service. She is currently an exercise and wellness major at ASU and hopes to become an occupational therapist. She also works part time as a hostess in a local Phoenix area restaurant.

Makayla writes, “This SBCO scholarship has reduced my burden of paying for college. I am so proud to not only be accepted into college, but also to receive this financial assistance. Continuing my education is important to me, because I want to be independent and never have to depend on anyone else. I want to thank the SaddleBrooke community for acknowledging small town students like me who want a bigger and brighter future.”

If you would like to assist other students like Makayla, consider donating to the Community Outreach Scholarship Endowment Fund. Eligible local students are carefully selected by a team of SBCO volunteers based on their grades, community service, financial need, reference letters, an essay, and a personal interview with a team of Community Outreach volunteers.

One of the most unique aspects of the SBCO Endowment Program is that donations last forever! Only the earnings from donations are used to provide scholarships, while the donations themselves are preserved in perpetuity—helping generations of future students.

One way to donate is to include the SaddleBrooke Community Outreach Program as a beneficiary in your trust or estate plan. This results in no immediate obligation to you, but provides a lasting legacy for students upon your death.

Another option, for those over age 70.5, is to ask your financial institution to forward a portion of your required annual IRA distribution directly to the SBCO Scholarship Endowment Program. Because SBCO is a qualified charity, the amount you donate may reduce the taxes you are required to pay on your IRA distribution. For this type of donation, the amount you donate is more than the amount you actually pay.

Keep in mind that, while SBCO accepts donations of any amount, the minimum donation for the Endowment program is $5,000. Always consult with your tax advisor about potential tax benefits.

For more information, call Ron Andrea at 520-904-4831, email [email protected], or visit the SBCO website at

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