Ron Tie takes his seat on the hole-in-one train


Bob Edelblut

All of you know that I have for most of the year been very concerned about the health and well-being of the MPMGA’s Hole-in-One Train. Thank you, Ron, for taking your seat on the train and bringing a little joy and good feeling to our old friend. On Friday, November 3 Ron was playing with Harry Clausen and Denny Anderson in their regular Unit 31 Friday golf group at the MountainView Golf Course. As they approached the eighth hole all of its natural obstacles came into view: two unfriendly bunkers on the left, a little desert front to the right and, of course, that large pond that no one ever wants to find. All was normal and Ron gauged his shot to the flag to be about 135 yards. Eight-iron was his club of choice and it must have been hit perfectly because all three players watched the ball take three short bounces and then disappear into the hole. Confirmation was forthcoming once they reached the cup. Congratulations again!

Ron grew up in Massachusetts and began caddying and playing the game when he was 10 years old. His 50 plus years of playing the game are filled with many wonderful memories, not the least of which is the time he spent playing on his high school and college teams. This was Ron’s fourth hole-in-one and I have to think it was possibly his favorite. His Friday group was well served after the completion of the round. Another good story!