Robson Pickleball League – first tournament results

Leigh Beatty and Andrea Molberg

The pickleball clubs from five Arizona Robson communities have formed a Robson Pickleball League with the goal to give pickleball players from the communities an opportunity to socialize and compete. Over a five-month period, up to 60 players per community will be able to play against members from the other Robson clubs. In this match play format, each community has two teams at each skill level playing in men’s, ladies’ and mixed doubles.

SaddleBrooke Ranch hosted the first inter-community tournament on December 10, competing this time against teams from SaddleBrooke. Two SBR teams at each skill level played two SPA (SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association) teams. There were men’s, ladies’ and mixed doubles matches at the 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 levels.

SPA is extremely proud of our teams. Of the 40 Women’s Doubles matches, SaddleBrooke won 33 while SaddleBrooke Ranch won seven. In Men’s Doubles, SaddleBrooke won 23 compared to SBR’s 17 and in Mixed Doubles, SaddleBrooke won 30 while SaddleBrooke Ranch won 10. SaddleBrooke prevailed in all categories at all skill levels except Men’s 3.5, where SaddleBrooke Ranch beat SaddleBrooke six matches to two. The final tally was SaddleBrooke 86 wins to SaddleBrooke Ranch 34. SaddleBrooke Ranch has a younger and smaller club. Some of their players had to play at a higher level putting them at a disadvantage.

According to SPA board member Shawne Cryderman, this first league event went very well and was “lots of fun.” The goal is having as many players participate as possible. Consequently, with a lot of 3.0 SaddleBrooke women signed up, some 3.0s will play in only one tournament and give others an opportunity at other matches.

SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association will be the host for the next league matches against PebbleCreek on January 21. Play will be held at SaddleBrooke Ranch which has a sufficient number of courts. Come watch the fun!