Resurrection Church holds patio parties

Enjoying themselves at a Resurrection Church patio party are Liz and Guy Baty.

Enjoying themselves at a Resurrection Church patio party are Liz and Guy Baty.

David Stanard

With peak attendance pushing 200, SaddleBrooke’s new church, Resurrection Church at SaddleBrooke, is firmly established. As a result, the church has been able to focus on developing activities that fulfill the spiritual and social needs of attendees.

One way to accomplish this was through Bible studies which started right after the first of the year. Then, concurrently with the Bible studies, several small groups were formed. These ongoing groups have the purpose of fostering spiritual growth while adding a social/fellowship component as well.

The first of May brought patio parties which represents the first foray into the purely social. The patio party idea was hatched a number of years ago when several of the attendees had been members of another church and had envisioned the activity as being ideal for SaddleBrooke.

Deftly orchestrated by the multi-talented Jan Springer, some 30 plus people participated at three locations. Host homes were those of Jan and her husband Jim, George and Darla Grove and Dave and Judy Stanard. Each attendee provided an appetizer and the hosts provided the patio and the dessert.

The evening provided the opportunity for people to meet and in some cases get better acquainted and for everyone to have a good time. Like everything else the church has undertaken in its young life, the parties were a huge success and already plans are being made for the next round which, according to Jan, will likely happen in September.

Resurrection Church at SaddleBrooke holds its all-denominational Sunday worship service at 10:00 a.m. in the Vermilion Room at the HOA 1 clubhouse.  All are welcome.