Resident Author: Karla A. Trippe Publishes First Nonfiction Book

Scenes from the Valley, self-published by the author, narrates standalone stories on her journey in reaching the top of the highly competitive business world of the Silicon Valley. The book tells the real story of why more women haven’t made it to the upper echelon of management.

As what started out to be a book to help millennial and Generation Z females understand what baby boomer women had gone through in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this became more magnanimous as the “#MeToo” movement emerged as the book was being written. Hence, the narrative transformed and circled into the author’s #MeToo experience in the corporate jungle of the Silicon Valley.

Karla covers individual stories in each chapter during her career journey. It shares different blocks and challenges encountered in the corporate scene and shows how she was able to overcome all of it in her way. Embedded in many scenes are different scenarios revealing the kind of “normalcy” women experience during those times in order to reach C-level management, making it an eye-opener and a must-read for career guidance.

Karla shares, “The book lays out all the difficulties women face in climbing up to the C-suite. Unlike other books that place the blame for upward mobility on women’s behavior, the book reveals choices women had to make in response to the precarious work environment.”

This book is a great embodiment of the #MeToo movement, proving that women still need to work hard to open doors and create opportunities for themselves and each other to reach the top. It is also a perfect teaching tool in the most strategic areas of marketing, which the author has generously shared in many of the scenes.

The book was officially launched on July 23, 2022, at the Barnes & Noble at 5130 East Broadway Boulevard in Tucson.

Consumers can purchase Scenes from the Valley online at and at, and it is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. Check out and for more information about the author, who is already at work on her second book, which will be a fictional story based in Colorado.