The Republican Women of Pinal County return after summer recess

Jo Ann Evans

The Republican Women of Pinal County return after their summer recess.

We are honored to have Nancy Discher as our speaker at our October 17 meeting at 10.30 a.m. in the Coyote Room of the SaddleBrooke Country Club.

Nancy will discuss the duties of the Justice of the Peace and how she intends to fulfill the duties of the office, and this includes many areas of which many of us may be unfamiliar.

Nancy has been preparing for the position by observing the Court of a sitting Judge, reviewing the Book of Judicial Procedures and studying DVDs of case reviews. She plans to apply thirty years of business, legal and leadership experience to the position.

Our club is sponsoring a table at the October 25 I Don’t Want It Sale. Anybody wishing to help or contribute items should call Sonnie Davis at 520-825-1157.

Members of the community are welcome at any of our meetings.