Radio Controlled Model Club is Flying High

Working on a model

Working on a model

Redge R. Meierhenry

For aviation enthusiasts in SaddleBrooke and their guests, there is a club dedicated to radio-controlled, model airplane flying and drones. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines any craft capable of flight, flown within visual line of sight (by radio link) for recreation purposes as an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). Thus, fixed wing aircraft; so called drones, gliders, and helicopters fall within the definition of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).

Here at SaddleBrooke, club members have access to their fixed wing aircraft, glider, and helicopter radio control operations, at a club-sponsored airfield at San Manuel. A short drive from SaddleBrooke brings you to the club airfield with a large paved runway with clear zones, a covered assembly and start up tables, chairs, and, of course, dedicated and enthusiastic club members.

Club members have diverse backgrounds such as military aviation, engineering, chemistry, and many other professional careers that share the common joy of building and operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Club members particularly enjoy the camaraderie and friendship with people who enjoy the art of building and/or operating UAS systems.

We welcome your participation and of course, training is offered to new members who have an interest in drone flying or traditional radio control model flying.

The club encourages anyone who has an interest to contact the current club president, Brian Dawson at [email protected] or join us at our regularly scheduled flying sessions at the San Manual RC Airport (email for directions). You are also welcome to join us for regular weekly breakfasts held at one of the SaddleBrooke restaurants.