Questers – Sonoran searches news

Mary Ann White

Sonoran Searchers is a group of Questers with twenty members. They met at Pat Tygselski’s home January 13, 2016, for their first meeting of the year. Pat was assisted by Chris Shepard. Pat gave the program about Llado figurines. She showed her beautiful collection and then gave the history of the Spanish company.

After her presentation the members had an informal discussion about antique shops they would recommend and shared some of the members’ recent finds. The Questers motto is, “It’s fun to search and a delight to find.”

Next month the group will tour Santa Theresa Tile Works. This is one of the oldest businesses in Tucson and tells about a lot of history in our region. The members will also be making a frame tile while visiting.

Call Mary Ann White at 520-818-1152 if you are interested in more information about Questers. Questers is dedicated to preservation and restoration of antiquities, buildings and historic sites.