Questers Sonoran Seachers

Mary Ann White

Sonoran Searchers held their monthly meeting April 9 at the home of Linda Huizingas. Linda presented a very interest program on the fabrics that she has collected while traveling with her husband.

They traveled the Orient, Europe, South America, Central America and especially Sweden where Linda’s mother and father were born.

Linda had a story with each fabric, wall hanging or clothing that she has collected. She took the members Around the World with Fabrics.

She spoke of the method used in production of each fabric and the special meaning that the textiles had to the local people that they visited.

The members were very impressed with Linda’s collection and some members decided that they, too, would enjoy bringing fabrics back from their travels.

Linda had fond memories as she revisited the locations where she purchased the fabrics or clothing.

The Sonoran Searcher purpose is the appreciation of antiques through study and to encourage the preservation and restoration of historic landmarks.

For further information contact Sonoran Searchers’ Nancy Hysong at 825-1296.