Questers begin new year

Sandi Newberry

The October meeting of the Catalina Timewalkers, Chapter of Questers International was held in the home of Harriet Shemer with Marilyn Bertke assisting. Harriet presented a program on bisque porcelain.

Harriet began antiquing and collecting when she was a child near Philadelphia. She shared her collection of bisque figurines and other decorative pieces. Bisque porcelain is a type of unglazed, white porcelain ware that is hard-fired, non-poreous with a matte appearance. Some bisque is colored, but in a very muted color since it is fired, but not glazed. Wedgewood is a kind of bisque. German bisque dolls were popular in the 19th century. More recently, the Precious Moments have been popular collectibles of bisque.

The Catalina Timewalkers welcomes new members who are interested in antiques, collectibles and historic landmarks. The Timewalkers meet once a month on Fridays from October through May. Call Sandi Newberry at 520-818-0199 if you are interested in attending a meeting or want more information.