Putters enjoy partners event

Winners of the MVLP Putter Partner event, left to right: Pat and Al Storey, third place; John and Raye Cobb, second place and Joan and Scott Davis, first place.

Jean Kraus

On October 25, twenty-two pair of putters vied for prizes at the MountainView Lady Putters Putter Partner competition. Chairperson Jean Kraus and committee members Kandi Connor, Robbie Herrera and Faith Holt did a great job with the arrangements with the Pro Shop and Catering Department. At 4:00 p.m. putters went to their respective holes and the fun began. Just as we were about three-quarters into the event the sprinklers went off! All the best planning couldn’t compete with a computer glitch. Due to some fast thinking by players, cones were placed over the spurting water and, fortunately, the timers on the sprinklers were short and we finished on time. A good laugh was had by all regarding our unexpected shower.

Following play, all participants had dinner at the Mesquite Grill followed by the awarding of prizes. First place went to Joan and Scott Davis with a score of 72; second place went to Raye and John Cobb with a score of 75 and third place went to Pat and Al Storey with a score of 77. It should be noted that both the first and second place teams had four holes in one! However, only one person won the money hole. Scott Davis had the winning hole-in-one on number 17.