Preserve welcomes back snowbirds and Chuck Moses

Ann Lange

The Dessert Warriors weathered a real Brooke-burner, Sonoran-scorcher, bugs-gone-bonkers of a summer. The TV meteorologists received huge raises and have the most secure jobs in town for their accurate forecasts day after day after day – hot ‘n humid with 100% chance of raining mosquitos. A new epidemic, precipitated by extended periods of forced exposure as itty-bitty-biter bait, hence the etymology of the medical term “The Bugbonic Plague,” manifests in a basket case full of psychological afflictions. The APA has recognized a new Obsessive Repulsive Disorder, “Insect-O-Phobia,” with symptoms including development of a persecution complex, fear of leaving one’s house, auditory hallucinations in which the inner voices in one’s head buzz and self-injurious behavior such as slapping oneself. So, when the bugaboo finally began to subside and those comeback kids returned from their summer vacation to join those recovering from a swarming SaddleBrooke staycation, it was time to stop scratchin’ and swattin’ and PAR-TAY!

Over a hundred Brooke buddies met Sunday, October 28 at the MountainView Ballroom for some chatter-natter over drinks, followed by a plated dinner of pear walnut salad, grilled broccolini, roasted red potatoes, a choice of Atlantic salmon with sour cream-dill sauce or chicken breast with basil chiffonade and strawberry balsamic reduction and for those who still had room, or really big pockets, plates of moist, chewy brownies. A big senior salute to Chef Alan and his behind-the-scenes kitchen crew, and to the ballroom attendants Jessica, Samantha, Sharon, Coleen, Barb, Anisa, Pat, Darrian and Brett for this dining sensation. The crowd took a moment to recognize Ann Van Sickel for her contributions to our community, including The Preserve Roster, tracking about 570 play pals here in our senior theme park, where new houses keep popping up like weeds after a monsoon.

Chuck Moses, who first performed at Summer Cabaret Night July 12 to an every-seat-filled audience, was asked to come back and woo us with his captivating voice and endless song list of all our favs, past and present. Moses has opened for groups such as The Beach Boys and Bob Seger, recorded albums on Fantasy and Capitol Records and was a vocalist and bassist for a group inducted into the Michigan Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. His homepage ( touts, “This guy can sing,” but let it be known, this local Tucson talent can sing his heart out all night long without a single break! Moses made movers and shakers out of the old flopsters, who still seemed to be shaking and readjusting their toupees after the song had ended. Whether one skirted the dance floor like poetry in motion, or as if their left foot didn’t know what the other left foot was doing, everybody danced full volume to songs like Boot Scootin’ Boogie, The Twist and Pretty Woman.

Thanks to Social Chairman Bonnie Barazani, the MV Bistro staff and entertainer extraordinaire Chuck Moses, for the danciliciously fun way to welcome the snowbirds back to SkeeterBrooke, where the livin’ is easy, insects are jumping, the cactus is high and gerontophobia is unheard of.