Pool Players of the Brooke member application dinner

Joe Giammarino

Wow! Pool Players of The Brooke (PPB), you rock! On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, the PPB held their first Member Appreciation Dinner at the SaddleBrooke One’s Activity Center. Jack Hacking’s contribution of his rendition of Sloppy Joe’s was over-the-top delicious, as were his brownies; thank you Jack for supporting our club. Our wonderful side dishes were prepared by Chef Dave and his crew at SaddleBrooke One. Thank you, Chef Dave. Fred Dianda’s two strawberry sheet cakes were as beautiful as they were scrumptious, so thank you Fred for being a big part of this club. Event sponsors were Golf Cars of Arizona, North Italian Restaurant, SaddleBrooke One, SaddleBrooke TWO, Tom Kaliski and Lindsay’s Quality Cues. Sixty member/spouses attended this event showing their support.

The evening started by the PPB Board acknowledging some of their members with gift certificates for their contributions to the success of the PPB over the past year. First up: Julie “Cutter” Ferguson for her taking control of the cleaning crew who cleans and maintains our pool tables and equipment in the CRC for our members and all the residents of SaddleBrooke; next, Ron “Dblo7” Ridge who has initiated and administered our Members’ Skill Ratings since our club’s inception, assists with tournaments and keeps us all in line with the current rules and Gary “One Rail” Barlow for his efforts in keeping our house cues and billiard room in tip-top condition and his assistance with executing our Travel Team’s schedule and events. Thank you, Julie, Ron and Gary; you’re appreciated!

Fred “The Baker” Dianda is our club’s teddy bear! For being one of our three founders, Fred was honored by our club with a beautiful award that depicts his efforts in support of this club. You’re a friend to every member and, in addition, a great pool player, currently holding the highest skill rating in the club. You helped this club when it needed it by being the third leg of the initial board back in 2016 when we were struggling to find that third person who believed in Dominic, myself and our ideas of what a billiards club should be. The PPB is a better club because of your membership.

We held a raffle for some nice prizes, and we thank all our generous sponsors. Winners were: Paul Swane, Golf Cars of Arizona annual golf cart service; Carl Williams, a gift certificate from North Italia Restaurant; Bob Fagotti, a jar of pennies; George Bone, a gift certificate from SaddleBrooke TWO; Jim Wydick, a gift certificate from SaddleBrooke One; Rita Giammarino, a gift certificate from North Italia Restaurant; Randy Smith, a gift certificate from SaddleBrooke One and Frank Strubel, Lindsay’s Quality Cues— a McDermott G226 cue.

Thanks to all who helped set up and in the execution of the PPB Appreciation Dinner!

Please follow the Pool Players of The Brooke at https://poolplayersofthebrooke.blogspot.com/.

There are many photos taken by Janette “JKay” Borland on www.Etsy.com. Look under Artist – JKay Borland Art and Photo.

Rack ’em up!