Poet’s Corner

All Hallows Eve

Linda Rosenkrans

Jack-O’-Lantern sneers

Hungry ghouls prowl at night

The blue moon appears.

Monsoon Rains

Stuart Watkins

Bring her again, monsoon rains

Over the desert sands

Quenching all thirsty and dry

Bring her soon again to me

Let thunder stir my soul

Who am I to wonder why

Animals huddle to stay dry

Afraid to venture far

Waiting for a bright clear sky

Sun does have the final say

Rain drops become drizzle

Clouds wither and fade away

A Day and a Wakeup

Stuart Watkins

“Hey, Sarge, good to see you. How did the patrol go?”

“You did fine, and everyone made it back safe, but why did you take point?

You only had a day to serve, then you would be on a plane headed back to the states.”

“Sarge, it was my turn. You know I couldn’t ask someone else to take my turn.

Besides, with this wound, I’ll be going back home anyway. Right?”

“Yes, son, you will be going back home.”

Sergeant Johnson patted him on the shoulder, closed his eyelids and called out,

“Medic, bring the body bag.”

Cowgirl’s Birthday

Stuart Watkins

Whatever happened to my little cowgirl?

We’d ride horses in the back forty and beyond.

Remember the first time you lassoed a steer?

You and me

Just you and me

Grandpa and Granddaughter

Ex-Rodeo Champion and Rodeo Queen-to-be

Sent you off to the best schools I could afford

Some fool put a tennis racquet in your hands

Seems you had a talent

National Champion four years in a row

Now my ranch is filled with residences and such

Golf course, three pools, and three tennis courts

Since you have matured and slowed down a touch

We painted a few with blue tape

New game called POP

POP Tennis

I never heard of such

But you mastered the game so I hear

And in my heart you will always be near

Though sometimes I still wish the two of us

Could ride once more on the open range

Just you and me

Grandpa and Granddaughter

Happy Birthday, Dear