Poets Corner

Advice from a Pug

J. Lynne Hardesty

always welcome your Persons

with enthusiasm

show your Persons how much they are missed by being everywhere

your Persons are

in need of tending always

demonstrate your love

with cuddles and snuggles, snorts and kisses

comfort and amuse

by immersing yourself in all pastimes

your Persons won’t forget you are there

if you scream like a banshee

when discombobulated

keep an eye on all your Persons

especially when there are refreshments

eat lots

with relish

play lots

with earnestness

sleep lots

whenever possible

remember you are loved

The Call of the Wild

Stuart Watkins

Alaska; think about it:

Gold pans, moose, bear,

Chilkoot Pass, Yukon River,

Athabaskan Indians, Eskimo,

Nome, Iditarod Race, and huskies,

The Northern Lights, Alaska Range,

70 degrees below zero, mukluks,

Caribou herds, Musk Oxen,

Wolverines, Arctic Fox.

Oh, the glory!

But the call of Kentucky Bluegrass,

Kentucky Derby and fancy hats,

kept her there,

while I answered the call.

Orange Cheetos

Stuart Watkins

Oh, how I hate Cheetos;

addictive, orange-colored demons.

Can’t eat one at a time,

must have a handful to satisfy.

Fingers get smeared,

stains appear

on face, lips, and clothes.

Whoever created these treats

must have owned a laundromat

knowing full well

the business Cheetos would bring

washing out the stains.

Federal investigation is demanded.

Do the owners of Cheetos

also own a series of laundromats?

Oh, they are so good to eat.

For me it is a daily treat.

Messy fingers and clothes

will not deter my desire

for these orange-colored treats

even if my laundry bills soar.

What the heck?

Life without Cheetos?

Forget that, Jack!

Renting a Tree House

Stuart Watkins

No rooms to let in Lake Oswego

Tree house only option to go

Sharing airspace with nearby tree

Oxygen and fresh air free

Reach down pluck cherries

Spit out the seeds

New trees grow

Between the weeds

Not so bad to live up high

Night stars light up the sky

As my eyes take their rest

Owls watch from their nest

Birds announce morning is here

Underneath this tree are three deer

I’ll sign a lease for a year or two

Fun way to face life anew