Poet’s Corner

Waiting in Despair, Cinquain

Stuart Watkins


Wish, Desire

Dreaming, praying, planning

Waiting, waiting


You Are the Flower

Stuart Watkins

What freedom I have found

now that I have found myself

and in finding

have found you.

What better gift

than the gift of self-love

for only in loving oneself

can one learn to love.

And I love/found you

a long time ago

but lost you/me

when I lost me.

Now that I am whole

I have space to grow

and you are the flower

that fills my empty space.

Spiritual Lesson Number Seven

Linda Rosenkrans

You may be unacknowledged

Smile and carry on anyway

You might be forgotten

Smile and carry on anyway

Invisible within the Holy Ghost

Smile and carry on

You may get burned

Smile and carry the torch anyway

You must not speak of it

Smile, the message is within you

Go forth in courage, light traveler

You may have to walk


Yet, you are never truly alone.