Poem by Nita Anderson

Nita Anders

This poem is from my book, Hidden In The Heart, A Glorious Secret. The book is available on Amazon.

Marvelous creatures, we humans;

And formidable too.

Surface-conscious mostly.

Of our depths – hardly a clue.

If we only knew!

Do we realize that our focus

Forms the boundary of our lives?

That the life we are experiencing

Comes from inner eye and mind?

If we looked, we’d find.

The people in my life

Aren’t all they seem to be,

Mirroring reflections of

Deeper parts of me,

Parts I cannot see.

With each individual

I choose a certain stance,

Sometimes parent, sometimes child,

We dance a different dance.

Is this just happenstance?

Perhaps today a tyrant,

Tomorrow victimized.

Who is this mysterious

Stranger, always in disguise?

Am I these many selves inside?

Are these inherent patterns

From a Cosmic Master Plan,

And if brought to consciousness

Might we understand?

Wouldn’t that be grand?