Pink-Ribbon Boudoir Project for Breast Cancer Survivors

Jana M. Suchy

Boudoir photographer Jana M. Suchy invites breast cancer survivor nominations for a drawing of seven names to win a free half-weekend retreat in August 2022 for complimentary boudoir-photo shoots and keepsake photo books.

The event will be followed at a later date by a public photo exhibit to feature survivors embracing their new normal. Suchy partnered with Nadia Larsen’s nonprofit, Nadia Strong, to fundraise for the project. Larsen survived her own treatment, including 28 radiation treatments, and now is cancer-free for six years.

“Jana made me finally feel like a woman again,” said Tubac survivor Mikel Moore of her own private Pink-Ribbon Boudoir shoot, crying after she saw her photo book.

Contact Suchy to learn more and to nominate Southern Arizona survivors you know or love—anyone may nominate survivors. More than one is okay, but each name only once, and survivors may self-nominate. More information and photos can be found at

Suchy began photographing the Alaska fishing fleet in the 1980s and boudoir in 2010 and got hooked when a woman exclaimed, “Oh my god, I’m beautiful! I never knew I was beautiful!” and knew survivors needed to feel that, too. Boudoir photography empowers women by transforming self-image and confidence.