Pickleballers on the courts despite wind, rain and heat

Andrea Molberg

Like the Post Office, neither wind, nor rain, nor heat, nor humidity can keep pickleballers off the courts. While a few of the SaddleBrooke Ranch pickleball courts suffered some damage from a July cloudburst, the courts were soon opened and players gratefully back on them, especially because the SaddleBrooke Ridgeview courts were closed to be resurfaced. As SPA (SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association) President Tom Kruse explained, “Due to constant use by our 700 plus members our Ridgeview Courts have worn out in only five years. The resurfacing is being paid for by club dues.”

The buzz while players were waiting to pick up a paddle and face friendly opponents was about whether the golf course proposal was going to pass and additional courts would be built near the current Ridgeview Courts. The mood was hopeful, since so many are out playing this extremely popular sport. SPA (SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association) is currently the largest club with members from both HOAs. Look for lessons resuming this fall.