Pickleball Press: Board of Directors Election

SPA Board of Directors (clockwise from top left): Peter Giljohann, Sue Diericks, Ken Roberts, Jonathan Bailey, Gary Stevens, Jeff Grant, and Barb Palmeri

SPA Board of Directors (clockwise from top left): Peter Giljohann, Sue Diericks, Ken Roberts, Jonathan Bailey, Gary Stevens, Jeff Grant, and Barb Palmeri

Nancy Dowell

The membership of SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association Inc. (SPA) recently voted to elect three members to the club’s board of directors. Board member, Gary Stevens was re-elected and newly elected, Barb Palmeri and Jeff Grant will fill the other board spots. Continuing directors, Peter Giljohann, Sue Diericks, Ken Roberts, and Jonathan Bailey complete the seven-person board. The re-elected and newly elected directors will serve two consecutive years and may serve more than once. SPA has restructured its operational framework to be an incorporated entity. Because of this change, the board will now appoint its members to fill the various roles—president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and director at large.

SPA operates primarily with volunteers. The entire membership is generous with their time, financial support, and expertise to support the growth and quality of pickleball in SaddleBrooke. It is likely that no volunteer role requires more devoted time and effort than that of the board of directors. With many tasks on the table, the board is certain to be busier than ever. The construction of the new Ridgeview Pickleball Complex is the most time-consuming project. This ongoing effort has required much groundwork to be done before construction can begin. The plan will add eight pickleball courts to the existing six, permanent restrooms, a ramada, and parking. Additionally, the board will continue to work on court allocation, membership representation, and satisfaction, fundraising, the club store, and the growth and quality of the club.

In addition to the board of directors, there are currently sixteen additional committees that assist the board of directors. Ratings, fundraising, SPA website, player development, facility maintenance, membership, publicity, court allocation, social activities, and organized play are just some of the member-staffed areas that help make SPA run smoothly. The development of the new Ridgeview Pickleball Complex and the club store also requires ongoing efforts of club members to maintain and move those projects forward. All in all, over 50 volunteers, some of whom fill more than one role, make a significant contribution to SPA on a regular basis and even more members pitch in to help when asked. The board has a deep appreciation and respect for the membership and the huge amount of help they receive.

With boundless energy and commitment, the board is ready to get to work on everything that makes SPA one of the best and largest clubs in SaddleBrooke. The board is most excited to be part of bringing the quality of the pickleball facility up to the level of the rest of the SaddleBrooke community. With the ongoing support of the membership and the community, it will be exciting to see the club’s goals come to fruition.

See you on the courts!