Pickleball Press – A Journey to SaddleBrooke

Nancy Dowell

Hearing stories from our SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association’s (SPA) club members about how they ended up at SaddleBrooke is always entertaining.

When looking for a winter home or new full-time residence, a list of necessary attributes must be made. Some typical considerations might be proximity to family or friends, specific amenities, activities, sports, weather, and cost.

Recently, I had a chance to meet a wonderful couple, Jeff and Annette, who relocated to SaddleBrooke a few months ago. They shared their story with me.

Having played pickleball for only three years, a community that had pickleball was an absolute must. Any location without pickleball or access to pickleball was eliminated outright. They began by searching pickleball “hotspots” around the country, including Florida, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. Many hours were spent watching weather patterns via the Weather Channel. Tucson scored big with them both for premier pickleball and for a climate that is moderate most of the year.

In searching the area, they heard about SaddleBrooke. Although the initial plan was to relocate in a few years, they rented a home to experience SaddleBrooke first hand. They appreciated the maturity of the community, the mountains and the established neighborhoods. A sense of fellowship and sociability within the neighborhood was important to them, which they found.

While renting, they contacted Gary Stevens, Vice President of SPA, who set them up to play at SPA’s drop-in sessions. They found themselves among wonderful, welcoming SaddleBrooke residents. After spending a few days experiencing the pickleball group and courts first-hand, they found the club members eager to welcome them. The opportunity to join a first-rate pickleball club, with the resulting friendships, was just what they were looking for.

SPA’s plan to upgrade the Pickleball Complex by adding another eight courts, a ramada, restrooms, storage, and additional parking excited them. Their original plan to move in three years was scrapped and they moved within three months of that first visit.

The story is a familiar one and likely to become commonplace as the game continues to draw in new players. Being able to provide a fantastic Pickleball Complex will satisfy a growing group looking for pickleball when purchasing real estate.

Welcome to all who are new to SaddleBrooke and SPA. Thanks for sharing your stories!