Pickleball excitement and membership keeps growing

Andrea Molberg

As you know, pickleball has taken the country by storm. Homebuyers, renters and new residents keep asking sales associates, realtors and their neighbors about this extremely popular game. People are eager to know what’s happening with pickleball in SaddleBrooke.

SaddleBrooke’s largest club is the SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association with 735 members. Currently SaddleBrooke has six regulation courts at Ridgeview. Recognizing the need for more courts and the potential effect on home values, HOA2 residents recently approved the purchase of the MountainView and Preserve Golf Courses, which includes land for more pickleball courts adjacent to our current Ridgeview regulation courts. Thanks, HOA Transition Team and HOA2 Golf Task Force, for negotiating the purchase! As we approach transition, excitement about the new courts being built grows.

In the interim, play at SaddleBrooke’s Ridgeview courts has been “drop-in” rather than scheduled. At times, players line up 32 deep (eight groups of four) for a chance to get in some time on the court. They make new friends, cheer on fellow players and gather tips while they wait. Beginning soon, some Ridgeview courts will be scheduled Player Organized Play (POP) through the club website. Many pickleball players have also appreciated the temporary agreement allowing SPA members to schedule courts and play at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

All of SaddleBrooke’s pickleball courts are located in HOA2. Because members come from both HOAs, cooperation between the homeowner associations remains important. HOA1, for example, recently resurfaced the driveway to the Ridgeview courts and their help with land for parking will be needed so everyone in the SaddleBrooke community can benefit.

Learn more at the SPA website: spa.clubexpress.com or saddlebrookepickleball.com.