Photographers of SaddleBrooke Kicks Off 19th Year

Jim Hagedon

The Photographers of SaddleBrooke, formerly known as the Digital Imaging Group of SaddleBrooke (DIGS), is getting their 2022–23 meeting year off to a great start! This year’s monthly meeting programs will include several professional photographers from a variety of disciplines, as well as member photos taken during club field trips, photo scavenger hunts, and other events to encourage members to “Get Out and Shoot.”

In November, the group will launch a Special Interest Group (SIG) for smartphone photographers. This SIG will join two current groups dedicated to Photoshop and Lightroom editing software, and nature, wildlife, and landscape photography.

The club has been around for nearly two decades and was initially formed to learn about the emerging field of digital photography. Over the ensuing years, the group has continued to adapt and grow as photography has changed. It is all about learning new things and using that knowledge to help members capture great images.

The new Smart Phone Photography Special Interest Group is being formed, because phone cameras have advanced to the point where really great photographs can be made with a device that most people carry with them every day. Now smartphone photographers can concentrate on composition and how light affects their photos without having to deal with a lot of camera adjustments.

A recent change to the club’s monthly meetings has been to use Zoom software, creating what the club refers to as “hybrid” meetings. Using Zoom, club programs are now “broadcast” from the meeting room. This allows members who cannot attend meetings in person to attend remotely. It also makes it possible for meeting speakers anywhere in the world to make a presentation to club members.

The club is a friendly group and encourages members to attend in-person meetings. When members are away or their schedule simply means they cannot attend, having the hybrid setup has proven to be very useful. Meetings are usually recorded and put on our website for members to view at their convenience.

Photographers of SaddleBrooke has members with skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced amateurs and professionals. New members are always welcome! There is also a great website ( with lots of excellent resources. Annual dues are $20. A link to the membership application is accessible from the website home page.

The club meets on the second Saturday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Coyote Rooms of the SaddleBrooke One clubhouse. Many club members arrive around 8:30 a.m. for social time. An optional gathering for brunch in the RoadRunner Grill after the meeting is open to all and typically well-attended.