Photographer of the Month: Tom Frost

Janet Frost

Tom Frost may be new to SaddleBrooke and the SaddleBrooke Photography Club, but he is not new to many of the skills that are vital for photography. As a dentist, Tom spent years recognizing the nuances of color, light and texture.

Tom’s artistic talents are not limited to the small scale of dentistry. He started his photography journey in the vast frontier of the deep seas. As a scuba diver, Tom took on the challenge of capturing images of vibrant and dramatic underwater marine life. These critters can be microscopic or massive, benign or threatening, and they are all constantly moving, making photography especially tricky. Tom declared that his early years produced great “fish butt pictures” as everything swam away from his camera.

Eventually he mastered the technique of controlling his floating and breathing as well as anticipating the movement of his subjects. The walls of his office displayed extraordinary images of sea turtles, dolphins, eels, sharks and vast schools of colorful fish. Landlocked family and friends loved the opportunity to view this unique and amazing wildlife up close in Tom’s pictures.

Today, Tom has moved to the desert and finds himself as captivated by this new landscape as he was by the underwater world. He is shooting with the new technology of a mirrorless camera, which is of lighter weight but packs plenty of cutting-edge technology into its small size. Tom certainly plans to continue discovering new and beautiful underwater images, but he is busy enjoying the dark skies, mountain vistas and unusual desert critters for right now.

In July, Tom presented his underwater images and photographic techniques to the SaddleBrooke Photography Club, and the Club is honored to introduce Tom Frost as the photographer of the month. The unique skills and images that Tom brings to the club demonstrate the wonderful diversity represented in the SaddleBrooke Photography Club. We would love to enjoy and encourage your unique talents with our community. Drop into the photo studio in the Agate Room at HOA2 any Wednesday or Friday morning from 9 a.m to noon to see what the club can do for you.