Pet safety tips


Leslie Rocco

In a blink of an eye, they’re gone. No second chances. It’s a story repeated hundreds of times in SaddleBrooke; you’ve never seen a coyote in your yard…until you do. Coyotes easily jump a seven or eight foot wall. An experienced pet owner shares her experience and hopes it will save a life.

“It was an ordinary evening in SaddleBrooke for 22-year resident snowbirds and their Westie, Boo Radley. It was the bedtime routine and, as always, we turned on the side patio light to let Boo out for a tinkle. Turning to switch off the inside light, I heard a scuffle at the back edge of the patio and in the dark backyard heard a terrible thrashing in the plantings. Urine and feces were on the edge of the patio, so I knew something terrible happened. We got a flashlight and followed the sounds. In a matter of seconds, we saw a coyote jumping the wall, leaving our Boo dead on the ground. Never think your pets are safe in your backyard, especially at night! Boo fought hard but was killed with a singular jugular puncture. Nothing will bring Boo back, but we hope this story will save the life of other dogs. Be vigilant and be aware, coyotes walk the walls. Give your pets a hug.”

Safety Tips from SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network:

Never wait in the door to watch your pets go out. You must be beside them.

Never let your dogs go around the side of your house.

Keep your pets on leash when they’re out, especially at night.

Install solar lights and a motion detector light to give a full view of the yard.

Keep an air horn or whistle with you while you’re out.

Coyotes in a pack will attack a large dog. It happens. Don’t take the chance.